With so much technology available, it is often difficult for business leaders to choose the right technology to help their sales team be successful. There are many reasons that iPads are the right technology choice for nearly every company.

Information at your Fingertips

Salespeople need to have a wide knowledge base when it comes to the product they are selling; however, it is impossible for anyone to know every detail, fact, feature, and the current inventory of their product. Using an iPad and a mobile sales app can help a sales team have all that information and more at their fingertips.

Easy to Use

The iOS platform is one of the most user-friendly which makes the iPad great for sales teams. It is simple to learn and navigate. As a bonus, many people are already familiar with it. Donovan Colbert  of TechRepublic calls the iOS iPad platform ‘by far and away the most polished, prestigious, and […] reliable, the hardware is gorgeous and cutting-edge.’ The share and iCloud features of iPads, and other Apple products, make it easy for many salespeople to share the same information and share information quickly with each other.


Many times when someone is making a purchase, especially a major purchase, the process can be lengthy, which results in a negative experience for many customers. According to Tom Hopkins, author of Closing Sales is Easy, the time when a customer is procrastinating a decision or awaiting their final decision is uncomfortable for most people. Having all the information right there, not needing to run back and forth from the sales floor to an office to look something up, make a calculation, or even communicate with a manager can all save valuable time, making it a smooth process for the customer.

Ipads are a valuable tool to salespeople in any industry.

I spend most of my time helping companies and their sales people to sell using technology.
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Bryan Taylor