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Do you have a CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote ) system now? A mobile CPQ system can make a positive impact on your bottom line in the first year! Over the last few years the growth of smartphones and iPads / Tablets has enabled sales teams to better meet their customers needs and make sure they have the most current information to approach their customers with.

According to a recent press release on retail trends “Most of the retailers in the Top 10 have stayed there over the years and it’s likely a result of their constant ability to connect with savvy customers,” Reda said. “Merchants who conduct business in an every-channel-of-engagement-matters environment are the ones who cultivate loyal shoppers.

They’re also the ones leading retail’s digital transformation.”

Customers today are more savvy more informed and more able to shop around than ever before. Companies that are able to stay just as savvy and keep up to date with the fairest and most competitive quotes will be able to continue to grow a loyal customer base and keep up a volume of high sales.

The clearer the options the sales offers their customers, the quicker they will close the sale. The advantage of mobile CPQ solutions like Salesninja software is that they help companies provide their sales team with a steam-line way of answering the customers questions on the spot to help give more complete information to convince the customer of the value of the product.

Back in 2013 Adidas noticed customers would leave their stores without purchasing products because they could not find the product they wanted due to limited stock at certain retail stores.

To put it in prospective the typical Adidas store could stock around 200 shoes, while on the whole the company has a complete selection of 4,000 different shoes. By creating a virtual wall at certain locations where customers have access to see the entire selection “has driven increases in footwear sales of more than 40% in every instance….The solution fits perfectly with the mobile shopper of today, who demands high quality imagery and in-depth interaction and full product line visibility.” This case study shows just how powerful an integrated sales system that used mobile cpq quoting leads to higher sales velocity and can help customers at retail locations buy more.

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