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Sales meetings are happening on golf courses, in restaurants, and at locations outside of the office building. Therefore, a sales representative must be prepared to conduct business from anywhere in the world. Salesninja has a sales app that makes mobile quoting from the field a reality and a deal maker.


A field sales representative must be willing to go wherever the client can meet. Salesninja makes it easy for employees to be out in the field, but still have access to all of their files and client information. Conducting business outside of an office, boardroom, or cubicle can lead to a more comfortable pitch between the sales representative and their client.

According to an article published by Forbes, “A boardroom is usually the most sensible meeting space for a group, but when you’ve got a one-on-one booked, a walk-and-talk outside makes for a nice change of pace.”

Mobile Quoting

Many companies are moving to mobile sales. There are few to no out of the box systems that can handle what larger companies need. After working with many different companies here is a list of just a few of the things that we have heard.

Companies Mobile Quoting and Order Taking Needs
I. Has to be secured
II. May want to host it on corporate servers
III. Needs to communicate with Salesforce CRM or others
IV. Need a way to choose options based on base model so that there are no errors in configuration of quote or orders
V. Need to be able to share quotes
VI. Need all prices live up to date and accurate
VII. Our system has to have photographs of each part and accessory

The list goes on, many companies even want a tie into their ERP business systems, to keep inventory and invoicing and more.

We even have a customer who wants a version of the mobile application for their customer that shows what they bought so they can see everything they have and even see what options they could get in the future!

We created Salesninja to handle all of these customer requests for mobile quoting and order taking and more. It is a software app that can create quotes on the spot. It allows for deals to get decided and closed all in one meeting.  Many customers come up to us to tell us how they sold 6 trucks in one day and their personal best has never been more than 2!  Delivering a sales quote immediately to a client shows that a company is ready to do business and will deliver on their promises. Salesninja’s app also allows for a variety of quotes to be created, should a customer want to make adjustments or see a multitude of offers. Once a quote is signed off on the iPad the full enterprise portal system makes an order.

According to an article, published on LinkedIn, by Sundar Krish, “Customers feel an urgency to make a decision when they are offered a sales quote.”

If you have a question about using mobile applications for instant sales action, from anywhere we would be happy to help.  When it comes to delivering an immediate quote to a customer we have done it all and if our solution isn’t what you need we may be able to point to to one that is. 

We love to help companies increase their sales!

Until next time…

Bryan Taylor

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