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The mobile sales platform to grow your business

Up to the minute solution for intelligence-driven mobile quoting and order taking.

Mobile Sales

Create Quotes, work face to face with customer, take orders from anywhere and collaborate with your boss and sales teams.

Worldwide Deployment

Distribute your sales products and pricing and media content through the enterprise admin portal.

Enterprise Integration

Enterprise level integration available to sync CRM, ERP and other sales systems with Salesninja to access to all your information in one place.

Tools to help you easily manage products, pricing and media

Product Manager

Easily create and manage product content directly on the admin portal page with the new multi-image drag and drop selector tool. Then post your product content live world-wide for your iPad mobile sales users to sell.

Easily Manage Configurations

Quickly add a configuration for a product option or accessory. With Salesninja Enterprise, you can even distribute product configurations and pricing through out different regions across the world.

Manage Pricing

Salesninja allows you to update pricing at the product level and deploy it immediately to your mobile sales teams without any code needed so your team can be confident that they have up-to-date pricing and keep generating sales.

Salesninja helps increase sales by over 20 percent.

Find out how Smyrna Truck utilized Salesninja to help increase
sales velocity and make customers happier.

Save money each year by saving time and
paperwork for you and your distributors.

How Much Can Salesninja Save Your Company?

Here are just a few examples of savings.
Lost Documents: According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, finding a lost document will cost a company $122 on average. A small company can save around $91,500 a year going digital.

Cost of Filing: One filing cabinet can cost around $300, PricewaterhouseCoopers reports that on average, a company spends $25,000 to fill one file cabinet and an additional $2,100 a year to maintain that cabinet. The fees quickly add up.

Want to see what one of Salesninja users has to say about using the iPad application? Check out the YouTube testimonial here.