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We all live in a digital age but it may pay more to make sure we don’t get lost in the distance that we creating through virtual meetings and interactions. 

We are surrounded with attractive websites and well-done ad campaigns, but there is something more influential than a catchy logo or witty commercial: trust. Building trust in order to close a deal is crucial to a successful sale. How do we ensure clients that our brand is trustworthy and reliable? The facts show repeatedly that face-to-face selling is the defining factor that establishes a relationship of trust. I believe that the invaluable trust gained through personal interactions contributes greatly to a successful deal which I have spent considerable time investing in along with building and supporting software and businesses.

So do you catch yourself wondering.. 

Why do customers choose another brand over ours? What is the driving factor behind deals that successfully close?

The Statistics of Face-to-Face Selling

According to the 2009 Forbes Insights survey called The Case for Face-to-Face, over 700 business executives disclosed that they preferred face-to-face meetings when they were making serious decisions. 91% found face-to-face interactions more persuasive and 82% thought the personal interaction helped with their decision-making outcome. Forbes also interviewed Michael Massari earlier this year who emphasizes that “face-to-face meetings are still the most effective way to capture the attention of participants, engage them in the conversation, and drive productive collaboration.” 

So how does a company like yours increase Sales Velocity?

When you enable your teams to sell with mobile software like an enterprise iPad app, you can take all of your sales info anywhere to close a deal anytime. This will synergize the power of personal trust gained through face-to-face interactions by adding speed and convenience. I have coached many companies and built many software solutions, and in every case when you enable your sales force with mobile sales software you can take orders anywhere and always have up-to-date pricing on hand. Your sales team should be fully equipped to handle any situation by having access to standard order templates, multiple hi-res images per product, visual pricing with running totals, and many more customizable features. shares another report from Meeting Professionals International (MPI) saying that “40% of prospects converted to new customers through face-to-face meetings, while 28% of business would be lost without face-to-face meetings.” As you can see, the human aspect of selling is still very powerful in the digital age where people will never lose the desire to seek personal connections to determine if a deal is trustworthy.

With this in mind you can see how I have come to believe and use the power of face-to-face interactions because it builds a relationship of trust with the consumer. I also believe that selling with immediate access to seamless invoicing and product specs through our iPad app brings traditional selling into the 21st century, increasing sales velocity.

If you don’t believe me reach out and lets have coffee face-to-face and in just 15 minutes, I bet I can turn you into a believer.

Hope we meet soon!

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