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One mistake can loose you 10 percent of your deals a year or more! What is it? Learn more about our mobile sales force product Salesninja and see.

Do your sales guys miss deals? I’m betting they do. After spending almost two years meeting with companies from fortune 500 to start ups I see one thing they all have in common. They leave sales on the floor when their sales person has to find what they need before closing a deal.

Our solution? Mobile selling! Sales meetings are happening on trade show floors, in parking lots, in restaurants, and at locations outside of the office building.

Sales have increased by over 22.8 percent with our mobile sales force solution Salesninja. We have seen it happen and we know the major difference that not making that one mistake can make. Over the last few years many companies have come to us with a sales problem and we worked with them to fix it… whatever it was. But when we built Salesninja we fixed one problem that all companies face. What is it? Well to tell you that I need to tell you a bit more about how most companies sell.

Imagine you are a customer coming in to buy a car or truck. You have a good idea of what you want but don’t know if the company really has all the features options and accessories available and if you can get them in your budget right?  I mean look, today you and me like most shoppers come prepared they have researched online for days maybe months right? I know I have looked up a products features on my cell phone right when I am buying it! So what is it that every company has to do but only the best are doing right now? 

The one mistake that most companies make is NOT arming their sales force with all of the information in the field in a mobile way. Do you know how many deals have been lost because the sales person has to go and look up pricing on a computer or find a model spec pdf or even a printed brochure while the customer waits? I can tell you in our world we see this every day and the statistics don’t lie. The are loosing well over 10 percent of their deals.

We have built Salesninja to do handle this. With Salesninja your sales force is in the cloud, it is mobile it is real time showing products, features, photos, graphics, pdfs, specifications, pricing and making quotes and completing orders all right there in the palm of the sales persons hands! It doesn’t stop there,

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